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What is Functional Nutrition?

Our conventional based health care system works great in acute care situations, like when you experience a physical trauma, a broken arm, or heart attack. In these acute situations you want immediate symptom relief with medication and surgery.

However, when a chronic health concern needs to be addressed, often times conventional treatment is geared toward treating symptoms with multiple medications without regard for the underlying cause.

For example, if someone is tired, how do you treat them if you don’t know whythey’re tired?  Is it anemia? Is it a reaction to a food they’re eating? Is it a yeast overgrowth? Is it exposure to toxins in their environment?

Each of these root causes are different and would require a different treatment approach.

Functional Medicine is emerging quickly as the most cost effective approach to chronic disease and optimal health because it focuses on addressing the root cause of symptoms rather than suppressing symptoms with multiple (and costly) pharmaceutical agents.  We want to investigate what systems in your body need to be addressed in order to get you back on track and feeling like yourself again!   

As a Functional Nutritionist, I spend extensive time evaluating and meeting with you to look at your “whole” picture–diet, lifestyle, genetics, medical history, medications, toxic exposure, stress, and in-depth lab work.

With this information I am able to put together a nutrition and lifestyle plan designed specifically for you and your health needs.

This treatment model saves you many trips to the doctor’s office, money spent on multiple medications, and gives you the chance to be a partner in your own health journey.  

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