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“Sarah literally changed my life. For years I have been deprived of most foods because of the weird reactions foods caused me. I never knew how I would react (vomiting, hives, etc.), so I avoided social situations involving food, which is just about any social situation! I followed Sarah’s recommendations to the letter & now I’m eating a normal diet. I can’t praise Sarah enough for giving me back a normal life.”

“As a result of signing up for Sarah’s program, I feel better than ever and I found it was well worth the investment. The thing I loved most was being able to have one on one meetings whenever I needed.”

“I really enjoyed the virtual set up of Sarah’s program.  The program was hard, but well worth the effort because I can now leave my house without worrying about digestive issues ruining my day.”

“Sarah’s knowledge of food and how it works in my body has really helped me!”

“With Sarah’s program, my IBS symptoms completely resolved.  Sarah was available to me whenever I had a question.  I would definitely recommend Sarah because I feel that she genuinely cares for her clients and she is compassionate.”

“After I started with Sarah’s program I noticed that I was feeling much better, my stomach hurting was no longer a daily issue or stressful factor before I ate something. Now I am confident that what I eat is good for me and will work 100% in my favor instead of against me.”